– Enrichment Classes –

The cost of our enrichment classes varies, depending on class length, duration, and materials.  Examples:

  • Tony Sohn’s 10-week science class costs $100 for 10 weeks (a one hour class).
  • Our private music lessons are $15 per half-hour.
  • A three-week algebra course is $45.

When we add an enrichment class to our calendar, the cost of the class will be included in the class description.  For information, you can call Debby Bell-Smith at 207-866-2642.

– Full Day Tuition Rates –

Days/week             Yearly Rate        
1 day                         $2,000
2 days                       $3,000
3 days                       $4,000
4 days                       $5,000


To discuss unique financial circumstances, call Debby Bell-Smith at 207-866-2642.