A Typical Day

Every day at Wassookeag is unique!  Students may attend full time or part time, or they may simply attend one or more enrichment classes per week.  Regardless of how much time a student spends at Wassookeag, our overall educational approach remain constant.

– Younger Children –img_4671

For a younger child, we keep busy using play, art, and hands-on exploration to learn more about our world.  A big part of our day will also focus on skill building and experiences in the following subject areas: language arts, math, practical living and social skills, and health. Additionally, movement, music, art, and science will be a regular part of the younger child’s curriculum.

img_4362– Older Children –

For an older child we balance academic and artistic pursuits in a way that encourages natural curiosity, exploration, and risk taking. Our environment also focuses on self-expression through a comprehensive creative writing program. Older children should expect a strong focus on math skills, literature, science, and social studies as well as an emphasis on inter-personal skills and peace-making. We strive to cultivate the social, educational, and philosophical integrity children require to mature into healthy, responsible adults.

– Part-Time Students –

While many Wassookeag home-schoolers choose to attend a four-day-per-week model to pool their efforts and time, others join the Wassookeag group one or two days a week (or half days) to add to their child’s academic or social enrichment.

Part-time Wassookeag students may explore academic subjects they do not get in depth at home or enjoy field trips on the University of Maine campus or to surrounding museums and countryside.

img_2408For more information about the Wassookeag Learning Community, please contact Debby Bell-Smith at 866-2642.